Thursday, March 19, 2015

Charlotte turns 2!

The kids in my life are growing up entirely too fast! I can't believe my nephew is already 4 and will be in school soon! Agnes is 3 going on 16, and little Charlotte is already 2! How did this happen?!

We celebrated her birthday last weekend with lots of gifts and cake, as you do. The party was at her house so she was in her comfort zone. I love this art wall her parents have created - it's her own little art gallery in the family room!

She got a ton of gifts and had a great time tearing the tissue paper out of the bag and throwing it, to reveal whatever awesome thing was inside :)

She got a little shy when we sang to her - can't blame her. I don't like all those people looking at me either! So she stayed close to mama's side and then blew out her candle.

Happy birthday, pretty girl!

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