Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fayth's Housewarming Party

My friend's MIL invited some friends, family, and coworkers over for a fun craft day!

She recently moved into a new house, so she gave us the grand tour - her craft room is awesome! Her husband built her this desk with tons of storage for her various crafting pursuits. Everything was perfectly organized, in true Fayth fashion.

You can tell that she has put her heart into every detail and every inch of this house. This vignette displays some family photos and handkerchiefs belonging to her mom.

Ellie-belly came with us, and she was the main entertainment for the day. We spent time reading books and putting all her stuffed animals down for a nap. Ellie was insistent that she wasn't tired, but she wanted her friends to be rested, I guess? ;) She's very independent these days and was practicing putting on and taking off her shoes and socks.

Eventually she gave up and just put her shoes on her hands. Whatevs.

For the crafting portion of the day, Fayth had stations set up where we could practice wood carving, cross stitch, card making, and/or make ornaments out of plastic beads. I waited for my turn while watching how the others fared - the woodworking looked easier than it actually was.

Fayth had a ton of crafting beads in several colors, so we created ornaments in whatever pattern we wanted. Once we created a design with the beads (I made a simple rectangular shape using University of Richmond colors), she melted them in the oven for 20 minutes to create a stained glass effect. Then she used a Dremel to drill a hole for the string.

She had little goodie bags for us all to take home - what a nice hostess!

It was fun spending the afternoon with some people I already love and some new ladies, and I always love playing with my Ellie-belly! :)

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