Monday, March 4, 2013

It worked!

Remember when I took some green onion roots after we used them and tried to grow more onions? I was doubtful I'd be successful because of my black thumb, but it worked! I'll take my lapel pin now ;)

After a few days of allowing them to sit on the sill and soak up the sunshine and water, we had a good inch of growth, and about a week later (maybe 0 days total) we had full stalks!

The new growth was so much stronger than the ones we bought at the store - they always seem flimsy or floppy to me, but these were crunchy and stood up on their own. Dave used some for an omelet and said the taste was fresh and very potent.

Success. After we got good growth, I chopped them up and threw them into a water bottle like Bonnie did, and put them in the freezer. There's no way we'd use the entire bunch before they went bad, so I wanted to save them.

We're on our second round now, with less success, but I've been less diligent about changing the water and we've had very cloudy weather the last week or so. Here's hoping I can keep those going to get a good supply of onions. Every dollar I can save on groceries is one I can spend at Target! :)


  1. Awesome!! I want to do this with celery and a regular onion. I don't use green onions that much. PROJECTS! :D

  2. How are the onions doing now? I need an update!