Sunday, April 29, 2012

Casablanca at Cinebistro

I've never seen Casablanca.  Well, hadn't until this Thursday night.  Is that weird?  I know it's a classic, I've heard all the cliches, I knew the general story, I knew the songs, but hadn't seen the movie.

*hangs head in shame*

So when Cinebistro posted this on Facebook...
...I jumped at the chance to get tickets!  We love this theater - I don't think we've seen a movie anywhere else since the first time we went to Cinebistro.  

It just feels cozy and adult - it's 21 and over so there are no kids emo teenagers cutting the line, cussing, and generally making me feel old while standing in line to see the latest movie in the Twilight Saga.

They play old movies and TV shows in black and white behind the bar - they don't need a stinking screen, they just use the stone wall as the backdrop:

The best part is combining your dinner with seeing a movie.  It takes away the drama of figuring out how much earlier than your movie time you go to dinner factoring traffic and crowds, or having to starve yourself through the movie to eat after without any time constraints.  This way, you show up 30 minutes before your movie time and order your meal in the theater from your comfy leather seat and dinner tray!

This might be weird if fishy smells bother you because your neighbor might be eating salmon, or the noise of forks or glasses clinking might take your attention away from the previews or movie.  But the noise isn't really bad - and most people are finished eating by the time the previews are over.  My favorite dish is the Alfredo with chicken, and the deconstructed peanut butter pie is so yummy!

As for the movie, I LOVED it!  At first I wanted to scream out [SPOILER ALERT] "She cheated on her freaking husband while he was in a concentration camp?"  But then I learned more, and gave her a pass.  
Here's the whole movie smashed into 4 minutes:
In the end, Rick made an impossible decision and I admire him for the choice he made.  Not many people look beyond themselves and their feelings to do what's best.  Great flick.

Next up at Cinebistro?  Hopefully Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

Question:  Should I read the book first?  I downloaded it, but haven't started it.

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