Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Witty title

So, about that dish towel from earlier.  I got so excited about making a pillow out of it, I decided I needed to do it now.

So I went up to my craft room, dug through all my fabric scraps, and found nothing that was both fun-and-funky and complementary to the navy/white towel.  I did, however, find a very modest navy fabric with musliny cream stars that I used for a patriotic quilt I made for Nate's dad as a host gift.

I whipped up a pillow using the star fabric as the back, making sure to leave room for the little white tassels to be visible on the other side of the seam.  It took longer than I expected and longer than it should have, but it's so worth it!  How cute is this?!?


  1. how did you learn to make pillows like this do you make them by hand or with a machine? i have some pillows i really want to recover to make new accent pillows for my living room and sitting couch in my bedroom.

  2. Kristen you're so crafty!!! :)

  3. @Amanda - my mom is a crafty lady...i learned everything i know from her. and from some failures along the way :)

    i made this one on the machine and it only took about 30 minutes :)