Friday, September 10, 2010

Strawberry Street is awesome!

After work today, I went downtown to check out a consignment shop my mom told me about - Blue Elephant.  Random that she found out about it before I did since she's in Florida...the girls at the shop agreed :)  It's so cute and full of unique items.  They have lots of vintage linens, kitchen tchotchkes, and a little bit of antique furniture.  The display in the front window was random and awesome, and the 2 girls working there were very friendly and I could tell they are having fun at this new place.

I picked up 2 vintage Fire King candle glow bowls that I can use for prep in the kitchen, sugar and creamer set from Pottery Barn (so cute!), and a heart-shaped candy dish for 12 bucks...

Then I walked next door to Strawberry Street Flowers and Gifts - wow, is this my kind of place.  The smell of fresh flowers fills up the shop, and they had garden accessories, quirky dish towels, candles, and paper goodness.  Love this place!  I bought a dish towel embroidered with an A that I'll use to make a pillow.

I picked up some wine at the Strawberry Street Vineyard and then headed home.  If Dave had been with me, I'm sure we would have eaten at the cafe for dinner, but I came home instead.  I'm happy with my purchases and I'll be going back for brunch and maybe pick up some of those fresh flowers I smelled today.  :)


  1. So cute! I will have to check it out when I come down in October for Paula Deen.

  2. i wanna go i wanna go! lol! looks super cute and right up my alley but david (my husband) would never go with me lol! so maybe we could go sometime :)

  3. So cool! I want to go there sometime with you. :)