Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I should apologize to the Barefoot Contessa...

A while ago I dragged Dave with me to Sur La Table, the most awesome store ever, to look for a cake decorating tool. He found some Barefoot Contessa lemon bar mix and shoved it at me with a look that said "Please?" So we bought it and I finally made them last night.

When I first took the box out of the pantry, I read the directions and wanted to cuss this lady out. It goes something like this:

-open this bag
-mix contents with butter
-chill for 20 minutes
-bake for 20 minutes
-wait an hour for it to cool
-open this other bag
-mix contents with eggs and stuff
-pour on first thing and bake for 30 minutes - but it'll actually take 45
-wait another hour for it to cool again

Really? Who has that kind of time? Oh yeah, the Barefoot Contessa who doesn't have a job! Yes, I know she technically has a job - she has a tv show that records her spending hours in the kitchen baking wonderful things, but somehow never washes a dish or has other things to do around the house. Well, good for you lady. And you better count your lucky stars you have a husband like Jeffrey who will go to work all day while you're in the kitchen baking him scones. Or whatever. My husband is different from Jeffrey in that he doesn't make enough money for us to live in the Hamptons and me not to have a job.

I digress...

So during the steps above where I was waiting for something, I was fuming over the amount of time this baking project was taking away from my tv time. This is very important time in my day. Especially Mondays, when One Tree Hill, Big Bang Theory, Lie to Me, and the now defunct Jon and Kate Plus 8. I barely have the time to toggle between them all, much less adding another element of baking! Gosh, what a tough life I have!

Once they were done, I decided they were worth the wait. We tested them while they were still a little warm, so I'm about to do another taste test now that they've been chilling for a while, and see just how worth it this was! :)

Here's a pic of the finished product:


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  1. I like some of the things on Barefoot Contessa, but you're sooo right. Who has time for all those steps. Looks very good!! :)