Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 2 in Dallas: Trip down memory lane....

The plan for our second day in Dallas was to visit places where Dave and his family used to live, work, and eat long ago.

We took the scenic route across town from Rich's place to their old stomping grounds. We drove around White Rock Lake to see the "McMansions" - seems like a great place to live if you can afford it. First stop was Robindale Drive, which is the first house Dave lived in. Then off to Buckingham Road, which is now called something else and has lost half of its front yard to the man. They had a great time telling stories about things that happened in both places, good and bad. It was cool to see where Dave comes from, and to know that we're lucky Richard didn't get snatched away that day in the toy store....close call, that one!



After seeing the houses, we walked around the campus of Southern Methodist University - I've mentioned before that I love all college campuses, and this one was no different. I love that they are all (well, most) designed the same way with the quad anchored by the main building and flanked by academic buildings or dorms. Here's the anchor, Dallas Hall:

After a late lunch at Dickey's BBQ, we went back to Rich's to kill some time before the hockey game. Rich scored awesome seats at a Dallas Stars game - what none of us knew is that the Stanley Cup is on tour and happened to be in Dallas that night, and that former Stars player, Brett Hull, was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He's kinda cute. Old, but cute.


The game was awesome and tied up at the end, so it went to overtime. No one scored during the 5 minute OT period, so the game came down to a shoot-out. Unfortch, the St. Louis Blues won :(

Good day!

Thursday was spent eating turkey, watching the Cowboys and Texas win, and watching Eli lose. Boo...

We're home now! It was an awesome trip - we even splurged for business class seats on the flight home. It was much more comfortable, and I might never fly coach again!

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