Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Karen!

Yesterday, I tagged along with Bonnie and Ashley to celebrate their aunt Karen's birthday!

She knew that she was to come straight home from work yesterday, but didn't know why. I'm sure she was suspicious. Lora and Bonnie planned it out so we'd be at her house when she got home, but she got off work early and was home before we got there! Luckily she was in the backyard taking care of the leaves, so she didn't see us pull up! Once she came inside and saw us pop out of the dining room, she was so surprised!

We all wished her a happy birthday and then headed to lunch at Uncle Julio's in Fairfax Corner. Be sure to turn the sound on if you visit the restaurant's website! ;) It was really tasty, but the company was even better. It was a perfect fall day for walking around, so after lunch we explored the town center and went into some really cool stores - like Plow and Hearth, The Nest Egg, and Wylie Wagg, a specialty pet supply store. So cute!

After our shopping adventure, we went back to Karen's for birthday cake and caramel apples that Bonnie and Ashley brought - yum! Then we chatted for a bit and headed home.

Can't wait to see the girls again soon!

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  1. aha...I think we posted at the same time. :)

    And you didn't tag along. You were INVITED! :) p