Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not a Cake Wreck (IMO)

My kitchen project is done, and I think it turned out okay! Not bad for my second try at a fondant cake ever!

The first was last year for Bonnie's birthday - Ashley and I gave up on the fondant when it kept cracking and just put a fondant Neopet on top of regular icing. We cheaped out but it was still cute. I wish I had a picture.

A few weeks ago on "Cake Boss," Buddy was using this awesome tool that made the fondant look like it was quilted. I thought it was the coolest thing and Dave bought me one that weekend so I could try it out. So, the other day I was trolling the internets, trying to get inspired, and found this cake:

How beautiful? I was sufficiently inspired, but knew my creation would have to be much smaller than this one - in order to retain some of my sanity.

After a quick trip to the cake store this morning to pick up some supplies, I got to work on my cake. The first snag was that I only have 1 8x8 baking pan, so I had to cook the 2 layers separately and wait for them to cool separately. This process left me plenty of time to watch JMU lose to UofR 21-14. Boo.

Once both layers were cool I stacked them, added the crumb coat, and put the cake in the fridge for about an hour for the icing to harden.

Layers (notice the imperfections - just like a quilt they make it homemade). I know, nerd.

Crumb coat:

Next I added the real layer of icing, thicker and more even and smooth, and added the fondant.

Then I added the quilt design with my new Wilton tool.

Next I added the silver pearls where the quilted lines intersect, using icing as the glue - this took forever!

Lastly, I added some icing around the bottom to cover up any gaps between the cake and the board. I had mad piping skills in the cake class I took, but it's been a while and you can really tell. And Voila! Project finished!

I think it looks like a princess pillow. :)

EDIT: Here is a picture of my first fondant attempt (without the fondant) :)

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