Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Patchwork project

A while back I got a bright idea, albeit unoriginal, to make a quilt out of some of my dad's ties. I was picturing specific ties that I remember from being little, like the navy one with golfers all over it or the one with burgundy/blue diagonal stripes (that he used to wear with a light blue shirt and gray suit).

So, when I was at my parents' in June I raided his closet! The diagonal stripes were nowhere to be seen, but I got the golfer one, along with some others. I realized I didn't have enough ties to make a whole quilt, so I also saved some shirts from the Goodwill pile - like a Redskins polo and a dress shirt I know he hasn't worn in years. But these will remind me of him always.

One day while perusing the internets I came across this patchwork dog...everyone had one of these when they were little right? I vaguely remember carrying one around by his nose, dragging it on the floor because he was almost as tall as me. So I think the quilt will turn into said patchwork dog that Leah and Kyle can drag around until:
1) its nose falls off from wear
2) he/she discovers whatever fancy gadget all the other kids have
3) the neighborhood bully makes fun of him/her and it is banished to the bottom of the toy box

Options 2 or 3 will seal the dog's fate as 'childhood box' fodder, never to be seen again.

Unfortch, my suitcase was dangerously close to costing me an extra $15 on the way home, so I couldn't bring the shirts and ties back with me. My mom can ship them or I'll wait until next March to start my project. Until then, I'll keep busy with True Blood and reruns of Gilmore Girls :)

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