Sunday, August 16, 2009

Card night

Last night was card night. For the boys, that meant poker. For the girls, a different kind of cards. But both groups had a good time...

Bonnie and I decided to introduce Crystal and Sharon to the wonderful world (read: cult) of card-making. We set out all of our scrap paper, stamps, markers, and other supplies, and we made some cards. We laid out pre-cut pieces to make the first one, to get them used to the process, but after that it was a freeforall - pick your colors, stamps, and go to town!

Here's a pic of the huge mess we made:

And some of my finished products - forgot to take pics of the others' cards:

In the other room (the slightly louder and more vulgar room), were the boys, playing poker.

Here are the boys (Eddie, Nate, Dave, and Joe):

Nate after a BIG win:

Joe has never played poker before, and I think the boys took advantage of him - notice how many chips are not in front of him:

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