Friday, August 14, 2009

Brunch at The Jefferson? Yes, please...

The plan for day 2 of Bonnie's birthday weekend was a girls' brunch at the Jefferson Hotel in downtown Richmond. We've always talked about going there and Bonnie suggested it for her birthday - so I ran with it!

After a few arguments about where to park - we disagreed about whether the No Parking or 2 Hour Parking signs applied on the weekends - I decided to bite the bullet and use valet, which I knew would be an investment. Fortunately, when the attendant took my keys and asked me the reason for my visit, he informed me valet is complimentary if you're there for brunch! Yay! It's the simple things that make me happy...

I can't even describe how beautiful this hotel is! Dave took me there when we first started dating, but we didn't stay long enough to soak it in. This time I could see women in their period dress walking around, bellboys hustling and bustling, and hear horse-drawn carriages outside. We visited a gift shop downstairs while they were preparing our table, and Bonnie read an anecdote about a fountain inhabited by alligators. Cick here for a version from their website (not sure where 'Virginina' is).

The waiter later told us another story about ladies at the turn of the century wearing baby alligators on their dresses, like we wear brooches now, as an accessory. Um, ew.

Back to the brunch - there were so many selections to taste that we didn't know where to start! Do we want breakfast, or lunch, or breakfast then lunch? Choices, choices. All of the food was great, as were the Mimosas...we had a great time!

Here is a group picture, from the grand staircase:

left to right: Melissa, Bonnie, me, Crystal, and Ashley

Bonnie and I outside, waiting for the car:

And my favorite picture of the outside of the hotel, taken by Ashley:

Good times.

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  1. can you put all the photos from the brunch on your jump drive? and i can put rome on it & give it back to ya?

  2. Thanks again dude! I loved my birthday weekend!! :)