Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mud bathroom is mostly done

Dave says: "It'll be the nicest room I ever peed in."

How eloquent.

Tonight, Dave and I decided to work on the mud bathroom. We hung up the wall cabinet, replaced the toilet seat, and mounted the towel bar. And when I say 'we' in this scenario, I mean Dave. Once he was done with that stuff, I cleaned and put all my what-nots back in there.

Now I just need to patch the wall and repaint by the light (which is not on my short-term to do list), and we'll be done!

I'm still not a fan, but it's growing on me. Here are pictures:

This is the widest shot I could get because it's so small...

Close-up of my fake starfish - there are real ones in there too :)

The $5 towel bar

Don't look too close at my bad patch job!

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