Thursday, May 7, 2009

Have I mentioned I love movies?

I won't be able to remember all the movies I've watched, but a few stick out.

Rachel Getting Married - this movie is typical Oscar-bait, but I thought it was very good. Even though I love Anne Hathaway, casting her might not have been the right choice. She overshadowed the movie, and not just because she is essentially the main character. There were much better actors in smaller roles, specifically Rosemarie DeWitt, who played her "I'm sick of enabling you and I hate you for trying to make my wedding weekend about you" older sister. Anne Hathaway isn't believable as troubled and dark, but with the whole cast, the family dynamic and documentary-style filming made me feel like I was watching an episode of Intervention. The wedding scene was way too long, and went too far with the kitchy international theme. Sounds like I only have negative things to say about it, but it was really a good flick. I won't be buying it, though.

Vantage Point = Awesome. I really hope this kind of thing isn't actually going on in the world, but I have a really bad feeling that this movie is all too real. The same 23 minute time period is shown from multiple points of view, each giving small details that add up to an explosive (literally) ending. SPOILER ALERT: Who knew Charlie Salinger had it in him to play a bad guy? Great movie!

Frost/Nixon - I didn't know much about Nixon, except that he made some guys steal some stuff, they got caught, and instead of being honest, he resigned from the Presidency. What I didn't know is that in an attempt to earn some extra money, to the tune of ~$500k, he agreed to do a 4-part interview with an Australian talk show host. Nixon was a very confident man, and a great orator/bullshitter, so he assumed he would sit down with David Frost, give some BS answers to all the important questions, and leave Frost in his dust. And the 1st interview went exactly like that. Frost and his cronies smartened up, and by the last installment, which would focus on Watergate, he had done his research, asked the questions Nixon never thought anyone would have the balls to ask. By the end, Frost got his confession, or the closest thing the American people would ever get to a confession. Nixon sidled away, like the coward that he truly was. Michael Sheen did an excellent job as Tony Blair in The Queen, David Frost here, and he will play the vampire of all vampires in New Moon.

Finally, I have some words to the casting department of The Hottie and the Nottie. WHY DID YOU CAST PARIS HILTON? THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT MOVIE! I watched the first 20 minutes of this adaptation of "The Taming of the Shrew." It had all the signs of being a great movie, until Paris Hilton came running (although trotting might be a more appropriate word) down the beach. CHANGE THE CHANNEL, QUICK!!! Paris Hilton made one movie that people will pay to watch. We all know what it is. Don't make any more with her. People don't want to see her talking or with clothes on.

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  1. gotta disagree with you on rachel getting married. hathaway's overbearing nature was the central point of the movie. she portrayed the "i'm in rehab everyone pay attention to me even though i'm out only because of my sister's wedding but still it's all about me and my issues" mentality perfectly. she had to be overbearing in order to hog the attention. instead of a bridezilla, there was a siszilla.