Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 things that made me happy today

First, it was pouring when I was leaving work today, and there was a group of people standing in the lobby waiting to go outside after it let up a little. I couldn't do that, because I had plans to meet Ashley for dinner in 10 minutes. So I started to walk out the door, carrying my purse, rainman book, and computer sans bag (I picked today to take the PC out of its waterproof bag and carry it by itself into work), and some guy I've never met jokes "Chicken, come on, it's just rain!" I hesitantly started walking, and he opens his umbrella and offers to share with me. I declined at first because I didn't want him to go out of his way just so I wouldn't get wet, but he insisted, and he walked me all the way to the door of my car. After I got in the car and got settled, I noticed that he was walking all the way to the other end of the parking lot to get to his car. How nice? I guess there are some nice people left in the world.

Second, I had dinner with my friend, Ashley, and I told her that I think of her like my sister, and even though we get annoyed and snap at each other often (usually when we've been together for 12 hours or more), the next day I usually forget why I was annoyed.

Third, these:

They're on hold at the only store in the Richmond area that has them in my size. They'll be mine tomorrow!

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