Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun weekend...

This weekend, Bonnie, Ashley, and I went to the Virginia Renaissance Faire. None of use had been before, and it was really cool.

We practiced archery and I threw a stone a little farther than the 10 year old who had gone before me. My prize was a shiny coin! Not until I held it did I realize it was a plastic party favor coin from Party City dated 1978. I thought we had stepped back in time? Pretty sure the Renaissance was over before 1978, and they didn't use American money, but what do I know? :)

We had a conversation with the head trumpeter - I asked him what year it was, and he told me that Anne and Henry's Elizabeth was currently queen. That led me to ask him if he has ever watched "The Tudors." He has, and we had a fun chat about the show's addictive yet inaccurate plotlines - he didn't break character once. He used olde English the whole time. Here I am with my new friend:

We had some lunch, and then we watched a jousting demonstration. Queen Elizabeth graced us with her presence and MADE all the children come sit at her feet during the demonstration. They flocked to her like she ruled their world. Oh wait...

It was a fun day, though very hot.


  1. Thanks for going!! I had a terrific time. Next time we will try a scotch egg. :)

  2. no scotch eggs for me!

    i thought it was a grand occasion.