Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter Weekend

The long Easter weekend started off with a sinus infection! Yuck! I went to the doctor as soon as I felt that familiar headache to make sure I got some good drugs and would be able to enjoy the holiday weekend! When the doctor asked me if I had a drug preference (yes, yes I do) I knew I would be good to go by Saturday.

After we finished at the farmers' market and checked out the book exchange, we headed over to my brother's house so I could deliver Reed's Easter basket. Luckily they were free at the last minute, because even though I've had R's basket ready for several weeks I never made any plans with either them or my parents, who have hosted us for Easter the past few years! OOPS!

In addition to his Easter basket we brought over 15 eggs filled with candy to have an impromptu Easter egg hunt in their backyard. I figured he'd already done at least one other hunt, whether at school or at a local event, but can you have too many egg hunts? Nope.

We snuck in the backyard (well, their dog ratted us out) to hide the eggs, and after Reed had gone through the basket we brought him, we went outside so he could find the eggs. He was so excited to have this hunt all to himself because he had been to a hunt that morning where all the older kids hogged the eggs and the younger kids got the shaft. This hunt had no competition!

He very thoroughly walked through the backyard (with a little help from Uncle Dave) and shouted "I FOUND ONE I FOUND ONE!" every time he spotted an egg. He also might have said "I'm so good at this!" Haha!

He found them all and then we went inside to check out his loot. Dave had convinced me to mismatch the egg colors because it was more fun - but Reed and I agreed that they should match, so he opened every single one and "fixed" them.

We played a few games of hide and seek and played outside for a bit, and then we headed home.

Sunday we did it all over again with our friends! We staged an egg hunt in the backyard - this time the eggs contained no candy because these kids had all been to several hunts already and were candied out, but it was just as fun! While Dave, Bonnie, and Eddie were hiding the eggs I ran inside to get the kids excited, saying the Easter Bunny made a last-minute surprise bonus visit! It worked and they all came running - no shoes, no coats, no baskets! Haha!

These girls and some new friends hunted those eggs and played their hearts out!
taken by eddie, bonnie, dave, and ashley

After dinner we all crowded around the TV to watch the Little Mermaid. Not just the kids - all of us. Who doesn't love the Little Mermaid?

Great weekend! :) Hope you all had a very Happy Eeaster!

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