Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Book Exchange

A few weeks ago we were driving home from a friend's house and Dave spotted something just beyond the sidewalk near Libbie & Grove. He pulled over and we found that it was a Book Exchange box! It was too dark to really investigate it and find out which books were inside to trade, so we made a mental note to come back in the daytime.

So this past Saturday we went on an adventure.

First stop was the Farmers' Market at St. Stephens - it's my favorite, and just happens to be a block away from the Book Exchange. It was the first outdoor market of the season and I wasn't going to miss it! There weren't too many booths there so early in the season, but we still got some good stuff - 2 Fuji apples, some local honey from Maury Flores (can't find a website or any other record of them online?):

The booth where I normally get zucchini/squash had a ton of herbs!

We picked up some oregano and purple basil:

We loaded our loot into the car and then walked down to the Book Exchange - it was such a beautiful day out and Libbie & Grove area was bustling! Tons of people on walks and running errands - what a friendly neighborhood, too! We brought two books to add to the box - Into the Wild and Silver Linings Playbook. Both good books but neither of us will read them again so we thought we'd pass them along.

We didn't find any books we needed (Jane Eyre was tempting but I have so many books in my TBR pile it'd be a while before I'd get to it) so we left empty-handed. Better to give than receive, right? :)

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