Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Using #onespot Finds

Yup. Target is my BFF (sorry Bonnie).

They stepped up their game recently in the #onespot. Tons of junk, but also tons of cute stationery, paper clips, post-its, stickers, etc. Even washi tape!

On New Year's Eve, I was in there and saw so many things my mind started racing with crafty ideas. Here's my haul from that day:

I also found some treat bags, in craft paper brown and white, and some Valentine's candy. It was too early to be thinking about Valentine's Day, but once my mind starts churning an idea I can't really stop it. It's a curse.

So when I came home I started on my project to get it out of my head. I used the washi tape to create a decorative border on the top and bottom of the treat bag, and a craft paper label to write a sweet note. Then I put some candy and gift cards in the bag to finish it off.

Cute little gift for the one you love. Or you could create many of these, filled with just candy, on the cheap for a class full of kids!

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