Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It's no secret that I love to shop. Target is my happy place. Ulta is also my happy place. I could spend my whole paycheck in either of those stores, plus a few others.

But I also like money, and hate when it comes to the end of the pay period and I don't have any left. So when I saw the #nospenduary hashtag going around, I jumped on it. Some people are going hardcore and not buying anything but household essentials and not eating out. I can't do that. Hell if I want to cook 7 days a week, and Hell if Dave is going to pick up the slack when I don't feel like it. If it involves the grill he's pretty agreeable to cooking the meat part of our meal, but I'm still on the hook for the sides. Some days I just don't freaking feel like working all day and coming home to cook.

Anyway, so I committed to #nospenduary, but only the frivolous spending part. We kept our grocery and eating out budget as is, which makes sense because my frivolous spending money is in a separate account. TMI.

I set myself up for success by getting a lot of my shopping urges out over my Christmas break from work. I got a ton of gift cards for Christmas, so I went on a shopping trip to pick up some things I had been wishing for, and some others I didn't know I needed. :)

Since I had some new toys, I didn't miss shopping all that much once January started. I kept a running list of things I bought that I shouldn't have:
  • work pants - not so frivolous, but it's clothes so I'm counting it
  • washi tape (1 roll - which showed extreme restraint on my part, trust me)
  • mason jar paper punch (OMGSOCUTE)
I also kept a running list of things I wanted to buy once the month was over, but have since lost it. The only thing from it that I can remember is this Orla Kiely bag. NEED. If I'm being honest with myself, not buying it has more to do with its price than #nospenduary. $50, Orla? Really?

I made it through the month. My bank account breathed a sigh of relief, and everybody's happy. I'm thinking about continuing it through the end of February, although I did buy some stickers on Sunday. Fail.

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