Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Smooth{ie} Operator

In an attempt to be healthier, I've started having smoothies for breakfast on weekday mornings. It stops me from going to McDonald's (I KNOW) on the way to work, saving both calories and time.

But, the way I operate in the morning is that I'm thinking about getting to work, my to-do list and meetings for the day, what I'm bringing for lunch, what I need for errands after work, etc. I'm not necessarily thinking about eating breakfast, so I found that even though I had everything I needed to make smoothies, the task of actually making it seemed like one more thing to do when I had all these things already floating around in my brain. It's not an excuse, just how my brain works sometimes.

Part of the reason the simple task of making a smoothie turned into a whole thing is this situation:

Terrible photo, but it's all crammed in there, I have no idea what I have, and don't know what I feel like pairing together, etc. Ugh I am difficult!

So I decided to work smarter and make smoothie packs!

I pulled everything out of the freezer, bought some fresh bananas, and just paired things that sounded good together. Each bag got 1 cup-ish of spinach (gotta sneak greens in - you can't taste the spinach once it's blended but it affects the color of the smoothie) and 1 cup-ish of fruit.

I bought a plastic tray from Target's #dollarspot that I hoped would fit on the freezer shelf (spoiler alert: it did!) to corral my smoothie packs:

Now all I need to do n the morning is grab a bag from the freezer, throw it in the blender with some almond milk and BAM - smoothie!

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