Thursday, January 17, 2013

A-tisket, A-tasket

Occasionally we have people over. And occasionally said people need things. Things we store in our bathroom, which usually looks like a tornado hit it. Seriously, it's bigger than our spare bedroom so things tend to pile up - like laundry and trash. We're pigs sometimes. Ok most of the time.

So I thought it would be nice to have a little collection of necessities tucked away in our guest bathroom  off our kitchen to avoid sending the guest into harm's way in our bathroom. :) I looked through my trial/vacation-size toiletries and pulled out some things that people (including us) may need:
Trying to pull off a thingsorganizedneatly, but #fail

I've had this ceramic strawberry basket (here or here) for a few years. It has floated around the house - first in the kitchen to hold eggs while I'm baking, then on top of my jewelry box holding makeup. I stole it from my makeup for this purpose because it's the perfect size to corral a few small items.

Perfect fit!

I wouldn't normally post pictures of tampons on the internets, but who hasn't had a guest ask for one? Side note: when I was in middle/high school and my brother and I went anywhere that carried tampons, he'd yell "HEY KRISTEN - DO YOU NEED TAMPONS?  THEY HAVE TAMPONS OVER HERE! DIDN'T YOU HAVE TAMPONS ON YOUR LIST?" I was mortified. Every time. I guess when you're 14 you don't realize every woman uses feminine hygiene products and it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Once it was full of goodies, I tucked the basket into the drawer of the bathroom's wall cabinet.

Right next to the hand towels. :)

I'm thinking about adding a mini first aid kit in the back for emergencies. I've cut my finger many times in the kitchen and had to direct Dave where exactly in our linen closet he can find a band-aid, Neosporin, and/or a tourniquet. Having one closer would be much easier.

These are the random things I think about/do when I'm procrastinating on other things - like cleaning my bathroom :) And it was free since I used things I already had.


  1. awesome.....I'm totally looking in that drawer next time I'm over. haha

  2. What do you do when your maxi is on fire? You tampon it!