Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Cookbook Challenge: Week 3

Since we did main dishes for the first two weeks, I moved on to the side dish sections of my cookbooks and found a recipe that contained something we already had in the fridge. We stocked up on groceries last week and I didn't feel like going shopping for anything new (read: I'm lazy), but luckily my Sur La Table Simple Comforts book delivered!

I had a craving for sweet potatoes during our last grocery trip, which is weird because we don't eat them outside of holidays and even then they're usually provided by Dave's mom in the form of a marshmallowy, buttery yam casserole. So we're switching things up with apple and ginger spiced sweet potatoes!
I was going for artsy but ended up with blurry

The recipe was super simple:
  • boil sweet potatoes
  • peel and mash 'em
  • add stuff
  • eat
Who could ask for an easier side dish? Haha.


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  1. How am I just now seeing this posting?

    Glad to see your using your cookbooks for ideas. :)