Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I wish I could get paid for this!

I could make mood boards all.day.long!  If I had endless money and the perfect house with perfect dimensions, I would redecorate rooms on a whim or by season.  But none of those are the case right now, and I must live vicariously through the internet. :)

Here's my current daydream:

I first saw this sectional on a house crashing post on YHL and I love it!  It just looks so cozy and there is so much space for multiple people to spread out and settle in for a nice long, movie!  It inspired a virtual living room full of classic and timeless pieces spiced up with some pops of color:
  • I chose this rug at first and Dave vetoed it.  Even though this is not actual redecorating, only virtual, I guess I should let him have a say in our pretend living room, right?  Meh.
  • The striped throw was my way of tying all the bold accents together.  It has bright, cheery tones as well as warm ones, so it is pretty versatile and should go with any seasonal decor throughout the year.
  • I love pillows.  We currently have an overthrow pile in the living room because there isn't enough room on the couch for both of us plus the pillows.  I need a support group.
  • To balance out the bright pillows, throw, and accessories, I included a leather club chair/lamp/comfy throw to create a timeless reading corner, plus an aged trunk as a coffee table that doubles as storage - score!  
  • The curtains aren't too matchy but complement the blue in the rug and is a muted verson of the blue accent pillow and vase.
  • The black and white wall art is a vintage map of Chicago - threw that in as an homage to our summer vacation...ahhh, wish I was back there.
  • I felt like the room needed some natural elements, so I added a tree trunk accent table adorned with an adorable owl lamp.  I'm a bit obsessed with owls right now - it's a trend I'm trying to resist.  We'll see how that goes :)
I love that this combination includes lots of bold colors + neutrals, a mix of modern and traditional pieces, and shows how high-end items like a $248 throw blanket can co-exist with a $40 lamp from Target without either piece sticking out.

Here is a complete source list, if you're interested in any of the items!  Or if you want to go ahead and purchase them and have them shipped to me - thanks in advance! :)

Next up:  a nursery inspired by this rug:

And no, mom+friends, that's not an announcement!

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