Sunday, November 18, 2012

Graves Mountain 2012

To continue our tradition, Bonnie and I trekked up to Graves Mountain for the Apple Harvest Festival - and this time we brought Sharon and Agnes with us.

Agnes was cutting a tooth and she had a virus, so she had an Aggietude all day.  Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

I rest my case:

We walked around the vendor spaces - lots of good stuff!  We were disciplined.  I wanted to buy Agnes a tie-dye onesie but they were like $20 and we all thought that was outrageous, even if they were adorable!  So we kept walking.  These olive oil soaps, by Old Dominion Soap Company, smelled so good - and LOVE the packaging.
Apple Harvest and Oatmeal Country Spice were the best!

Then we had some lunch and made our way over to the apple/pumpkin zone.  This apple butter smelled so good, but I'm not allowed to buy any because we never eat it before it expires.  Just admiring it from afar...

We got bags of apples - I picked Staymans and Fijis this time, although the Red Delicious were looking delicious:

When we were done at the festival we drove up into the orchard to see if there were any apples left - no dice.  So we headed home.  I rode in the backseat with Agnes and gave her my phone - look what she did?  Selfie!

The kid's brilliant, I'm telling you...

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