Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Cutting it close!

Holy crap there are only 6 more days of summer!  This new bucket list tradition isn't going too well as far as success rate, but it sure is fun! :)

So far this summer, we went to Chicago, made a bird feeder, went to an outdoor concertpicked tried to pick peaches, made vanilla extract out of vodka and Madagascar vanilla beans, took a road trip to Ikea and the Container Store (sounds simple but they're 2 hours away 80 - one way), got sand in my toes (just in the nick of time!), and purged and re-organized my craft room (post to follow).  Phew.

As far as the master bath makeover, I have planned and bought everything we need except a new laundry hamper/basket/storage system, but haven't executed my plan.  So we are considering that 50% done. :)  I'll get to it this fall - the hardest part is finding the motivation to paint, even though the paint has been purchased.  Painting tends to be a therapeutic thing for me, and there hasn't been anything particularly stressful or difficult to deal with recently that made me want to paint.  Here's hoping for some drama - wait, no.  I'll get it done - but here's the plan:
Neat, right?  Don't mind that random 10 in the middle of the display - pesky thing won't go away no matter how hard I try to change the code!

As far as the Matched trilogy goes - funny thing.  When I created my list, I hadn't fully researched that option, and the 3rd in the trilogy doesn't come out until November.  Here's my sign.  But I'm mostly finished with book one, and book two is waiting on my night stand..patiently.  Can I finish them by midnight Friday?  We'll see.

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