Thursday, October 13, 2011

Witch Hat Cookies!

Have I mentioned Pinterest is awesome?  Yep, I think maybe once or twice...well it is!

My college roommate, Erica, posted this a few days ago and I thought they were so cute:

Without reading the description they looked complicated and I didn't even re-pin them, thinking I couldn't tackle them.  Then I took a second look and noticed the base is just a fudge stripe cookie!  That I can handle :)

To assemble these adorable witch hat cookies, all you need is a package of fudge stripe cookies, a bag of Hershey's kisses, and some orange icing.

Since you don't need a lot of icing, rather than making a batch of buttercream I picked up a small tube of orange decorating icing from the baking aisle at the grocery store.  Wilton makes tips that can be screwed on top of the icing tube for easy piping - so convenient!

Pardon the extremely blurry picture (the background is in focus -hahahahaha), but I just squeezed some icing onto the bottom of the Hershey's kiss...

...and plop it down onto the chocolate side of the cookie.  Plop is a technical term.

Repeat for however many cookies you need - this would be a great snack or dessert at a Halloween party!  It just takes a few minutes to prepare many cookies and they are so good!

What a fun idea...and whatever icing you don't use can be stored in the tube.  Just take off the piping tip and put the tube's lid back on to seal it up...

I was thinking you could change the colors of the icing, but there are limited options I's not like cupcakes where you can make them match any theme or holiday.  With witch hats you're pretty limited - but  maybe if you're having a Wicked-themed party you could change the icing to green?  The orange reminds me of The Worst Witch :)  LOVED that movie when I was little - we taped it and I wore that VHS out!


  1. I saw these and I am going to make them! I think green icing would be good too and maybe purple. Glad they were so easy.

  2. You can make pilgrim hats with these too using little pb cups on top of keebler cookie. LOL I pinned it on pinterest the other day.