Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Bucket List: Status Report

Fall's only one-third over and my bucket list is almost complete!

So far, I:
  • Visited Graves Mountain and the State Fair, where I rode the Ferris wheel with 2 very supportive friends and 1 very unsupportive husband :)
  • Found Jonagold apples during a work off-site in Charlottesville - Carter Mountain Orchard always delivers! :)
  • Made homemade applesauce.  
    • Funny story about this:  after I published the post about making the applesauce, a coworker reminded me that I have attempted applesauce before with VERY bad results!  5 years ago or so I tried making applesauce without consulting any recipes or cookbooks - I thought it can't be that hard and used my KitchenAid mixer to blend/mash the apples.  What was I thinking?  Shortly after I shared my applesauce misadventure with everyone at work, Kara read an article in the Washington Post about applesauce being a dummy-proof recipe and anyone could do it!  We all got a great laugh out of it - how could I forget that?!?  So this was not my maiden voyage, but this time I used my brain...and a recipe :)
  • Taken a staycation!
  • Carved a pumpkin - actually 2!
  • Visited James Madison's Montpelier - stay tuned for that post this weekend :)
  • Drank a pumpkin spice latte - never tried one before, and it is like crack!  My favorite cold-weather drink is still the caramel apple spice, and the gingerbread latte is good in small doses, but the pumpkin spice is awesome!  Go get yourself one :)

All that's left is reading a non-textbook book, getting a flu shot, completing a project inspired by Pinterest (which I hope to finish up on Saturday), and roasting a pumpkin (the scariest thing on the list!).  Here's hoping the other two-thirds of fall will be equally productive!


  1. You've gotten a lot done! Good for you. It's been fun to read about the ones you posted about. I should start making these lists for my hubby and me because we would probably do more fun things!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I have found that it gets me off my butt when I am about to have a lazy pajama day :)

    I found a new one online for winter:

  3. I'd forgotten about the article in the Post Lol.

    Also, it's silly, but the fact you people are having off sites without me makes me a tad weepy!

  4. I can't wait to see what you're winter bucket list is. :)