Monday, July 13, 2009

Does no one else see this?

OK - usually I save my blog for projects or road trip summaries, but I had to share this.

Jon and Kate circa 1999:

Jon's new girlfriend (Hailey) 2009:

I can hear Jon screaming "I JUST WANT THE OLD KATE BACK!" from Wernersville all the way down here in Richmond. We've heard several times about the chemistry these 2 had when they first met - they were wild and crazy and fell in love at first sight. then Kate got knocked up and turned into this:

I get it, she turned into a controlling bitch after she had 8 kids (wouldn't you?), but now it is painfully obvious that all this acting out Jon is doing is the result of a quarter-life or mid-life crisis. He wants to regress back to his partying days, and part of that is finding a girl that reminds him of the crazy blonde he met at a picnic, before he turned into a dad of 8.

Just had to post this. I'm done.

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