Friday, December 5, 2014

25 Days of Christmas - Day 5: Christmas cards

I love getting Christmas cards from friends and family every year - seeing pictures of the little ones as they grow up, reading brag letters, seeing what style of card people pick out and sometimes being surprised - so fun!

Last year I didn't have as much Christmas spirit as usual so I skipped sending cards, but I'm back at it this year!  I have 3 styles, one of which is a little snarky and inappropriate so only certain people will get that one. All three are typography, which I love.

This might show my nerd a little too much, but I save all the cards we get each year. Does anyone else do that? I put them all on a scrapbook, labeled by year, so I can flip through if I'm feeling nostalgic. 

Speaking of nostalgia - look how little Reed and Aggie were just 3 years ago! 

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