Wednesday, December 10, 2014

25 Days of Christmas - Day 10: Great Big Greenhouse

Every year, the Great Big Greenhouse transforms part of the garden center into a Christmas shop with trees, decorations, poinsettias, and general festiveness.
I walked around to see the displays, did some shopping, and almost brought home a poinsettia until I remember they are poisonous to cats (although Zoey's never been interested in eating plants). Also, I kill all things green, so there's no way it would have made it to Christmas anyway.

This year, they also had a huge train display set up by the River City 3 Railers - it was awesome! The pics don't do it justice. So realistic and I kinda want to live inside it.

I came home with 2 garden flags and a Christmas gift for my BFF. I almost bought this cute little pot, but how do you keep the dirt from falling out? Do you line it? Ha. Also, as I said before, I kill plants.

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