Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh Bloody Hell

If you can't talk to your BFF about this kind of thing, what do you have in life?  LOL.

One day while chatting via email, Bonnie sent me a link to something she found on Pinterest.  A little pouch to hold your feminine products - but not just any pouch.  This one has flair.

How awesome!?

Since the Etsy shop owner went on an indefinite hiatus and had no stock, I decided to make Bonnie one for her birthday.

I looked for a plain canvas zipper pouch online and couldn't find any that were reasonable unless I bought 100 or more of them.  No thanks.  Thankfully, a girl at work sells Thirty One and they had a perfectly-sized plain canvas pouch, so I snatched one up!

Of course a week after I bought it Target stocked some lesser quality ones in the Dollar Spot - bitches.  But the quality was nowhere near as good, so I didn't feel too bad.

I had a set of alphabet stamps on hand from my menu and memo boards project, and I had Dave pick up some brown fabric paint (because I thought the zipper on the pouch was brown when it was actually gray - fail, but whatevs):

I put some paint on a paper plate, and swirled it around with my sponge brush until I had a very thin layer of paint on the plate.  Then I stamped the letters into it and onto the pouch.  After I stamped the first letter I realized this was a fail:

It got worse after every letter.  I should have put something hard inside the pouch to give me some resistance, but instead chose to put a pack of napkins in there (Twilight-themed, since you asked) so on some of the letters you could see the outline of the rubber square.  Oops.

After I admitted defeat and sent Bonnie an email to say "sorry I messed up your present, but it might have been cool", I got the idea to go with the fail and make it appear as if I did it on purpose.  That might be a rule of crafting, but I'm not sure.

So I went over all the letters again, making sure to press hard enough that the outline of the stamp also got paint on it and transferred to the pouch.  


It certainly won't win any showcases but it'll do ;)  Perfect fit for a few products!


  1. Love it!! Thanks for making this for me. Now you gotta make one for yourself. :D

  2. You are just too damn funny!! Oh bloody hell is perfect!