Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10% Pinterest, 90% LAZY

Once you're in the pool, you don't want to get out.  Like ever.  amirite?

We are heading to the beach in a few weeks with friends, and Dave is so excited about pool time he researched ways to increase his relaxation and decrease trips upstairs to the kitchen for beverages.  Unfortunately, mastering this relationship between beverages and relaxation is EXPENSIVE!

Sure, you can just fill a cooler with beverages and put it on the edge of the pool, but what if you are floating in one corner, and the cooler is all the way at the opposite corner?  Vacations are not for work.  We need convenience!

We found some good pool cooler options online, but we are way too cheap to shell out $30 for a piece of plastic that I have to inflate myself:

This one is only $9 but it also only holds 1 can:
Then he found this on Pinterest:

Since the pool water will be much cooler than the air temperature anyway, and you can throw some ice in the tub, do you really need an actual cooler?


So we headed to Target for supplies.  Technically we had everything we needed at the house, but our swim noodles are reserved floating in the pool with a noodle and our plastic bins are all ocupado.  So for $3.50 (plus 5% off for using our Target debit card - W00T!) we made our own pool cooler:

It took about 13 seconds to cut the pool noodle all the way down 1 side to create a slit:

Then we measured the tub and cut 2 pieces to attach to the longer sides:

Initially I wanted to make it fancy and have picture frame corners, but it didn't look like I wanted so I gave up.  This was not a battle for which I chose to use my OCD powers.

Then we tested it out!  It easily fits multiple cans and bottles, and I threw in a bottle opener just for fun.


All we need to do to complete this baby is tie a string to it so Dave can attach it to his float.  That means the Summer Shandy will never be more than an arm's length away from his mouth!

And that, my friends, is what vacation is all about.

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