Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bandana Tablecloth

When Bonnie, Ashley, and I started planning this year's Independence Day celebration, we created a Pinterest board (duh) to capture ideas as we found them.
"Johnsontown" is a long story I can't type right now ;)

One of the things we pinned was a tablecloth made from bandanas!  While I didn't think it was realistic or necessary to make multiples, it was too fun to ignore for the party, so we decided to create one for a special table and use the more user-friendly plastic tablecloths for the rest of the tables.

I ran out to Joann Fabrics to get my supplies - it's a short list:  12 bandanas (4 each of red, white, and blue).  Assuming you have any color thread at home that's all you need.

It doesn't even have to be matching thread since there is no edging or exposed stitches - did anyone notice I used light purple thread?  NOPE.

Are my corners perfect?  NOPE.

I pre-washed the bandanas with a Shout Color Catcher (or 3) just to get any color bleeding out of the way before I sewed the pieces together.  The bandanas faded inconsistently, which pissed me off a little, but I'm sure no one but me would notice shit like that when they look at this thing.  The separation of colors makes it less noticeable, too.

As far as pattern, I think this is called diagonal rows?  Seems logical ;)  I started with the bottom row with red, white, blue in that order and then the next one was staggered so the red was in the middle.  The third row, the red was on the right side, and top row is the same as the bottom.

Since I just made one, we decided to use it for our games table at the party!  It covered a 6 ft. folding table (3x5 bandanas may have been a better fit than 3x4, but it works) with plenty of overhang on the front.  We covered it with hula hoops, beach balls, bubbles, bocce, glowsticks, and croquet!

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