Monday, July 1, 2013

Bandana Dress

Alternate post title: "The cutest effing thing on Earth"

One night I was trolling Pinterest while not doing homework (is anyone surprised?) and stumbled upon this bandana dress:

After I about died from the cuteness I decided I want to make one for each of my three favorite little girls - Agnes, Charlotte, and Ellie-belly.

It's as easy as sewing two bandanas together, leaving about 6 inches for the arm holes, and making a pocket at the top for the ribbon straps.  Once you have your ribbon in there you can adjust the neck to any size you need, so the dress can grow with your little girl!

I'm not writing up a tutorial because the blog where I found this did an excellent job of posting step by step instructions.  All you need to do one dress is:

  • 2 bandanas
  • matching thread
  • ribbon that complements the bandana color
  • safety pin for threading ribbon through the neckline

Joann Fabrics has an entire wall of bandanas in just about every color you can imagine.  They also have themed ones for sports teams and holidays, so this is very versatile.  I got ribbon that has hot pink, light purple, and light pink hearts so I could use the same ribbon for all three girls so they match, and then got bandanas in each of those colors for the dresses.

Happy Sewing!

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