Sunday, April 28, 2013

Homegrown green onions - Update!

Well, not homegrown, but home-regenerated?  Whatever.

Here's where we started:

After a slow start [it took about 2 weeks to get good growth the first time], and an AWFUL smell [the entire house smelled like novocaine for 3-4 days during the first iteration], we have quite a yield so far!

Pictured below is the first growth cycle:

I change the water every 2 days just to keep things fresh since the bowl is so small.  After I cut them down each time, I peel the dry layers from the outside stemming from the root.  This seems to have helped the smaller stems survive, since there's plenty of healthy growth underneath.

We've had probably 4 iterations so far, and last night I cut them down again:

Here's our total yield, minus some used for omelettes, baked potatoes, and random meals:

We're gonna need a bigger water bottle!  We're keeping it in the freezer, but it's so convenient to just take out the bottle and shake out however many onions you need.  They thaw very quickly since they're so small so there's no waiting involved.  They're ready to go!

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  1. Awesome!!! See you can grow things too. And that basil plant next to the onions is looking mighty fine too. :D YEY!!