Sunday, April 14, 2013

Charlotte Grace

Now that she's more than a month old (oops!) it's time to introduce Charlotte Grace!

Eddie and Crystal have been hoping and praying for her for a long time, and she is finally here!  When we went to see her in the hospital (at maybe 36 hours old) she already had strong opinions about being cold and/or exposed and was doing karate kicks from inside her swaddle.  Strong girl!

We played pass the baby for a while, Dave gave her some valuable life advice (like when faced with the choice between The Who and Zeppelin, Uncle Nate will push you toward Zeppelin but don't overlook The Who too easily)...

...and Sharon manhandled her and then took out of her swaddle "to see what we're working with."

What did we learn about Charlotte earlier?  Leave her in the swaddle!  Eddie knew what was about to happen and kept saying "oh no, oh no, oh no" but Sharon kept her happy.  Phew - crisis averted! :)

Welcome to the world, Charlotte Grace!  We can't wait to spoil you :)

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