Sunday, April 14, 2013

1964: The Tribute

Our friend Joe is a quiet one, but he sure is thoughtful! :) He took Sharon to a Broadway in Richmond show a few years ago and is still on their email list, so whenever he sees something we might like on the upcoming schedule, he forwards it on.

The most recent one he sent was perfect - a Beatles tribute band! I knew Dave would love it, even though I felt kinda 'meh' about it. Dave has been enamored with the Beatles since he was a boy, has all their albums, and knows all sorts of random trivia about them, so I knew he'd jump at the chance to see 1964: The Tribute. {insert katniss volunteering as tribute joke here}

We had a very fancy dinner at Coppola's in Carytown before heading down to the Carpenter Center (I will not call it Center, ever).

I hadn't researched the show much, so I assumed we were going to see a bunch of hipsters play Beatles songs. I noticed how wrong I was when I saw this concert poster outside the Carpenter Center and thought I was looking at a picture of the Beatles. Nope, that's the tribute band.

The costumes, instruments, accents, hair, and banter between the band members - so authentic! It made it much more appealing to me - more of an experience back in time (cheesy?) than hearing a cover band, you know?

They didn't just play the greatest hits, which I enjoyed. I've heard all the famous songs but less familiar with most of their others. My favorite of the night was This Boy - I'd never heard it before and it's damn good. Paul warned the audience "John's going to scream in the middle of this one, don't be alarmed!" I expected a different kind of screaming, but loved the alternative! My new favorite Beatles song.

Here's a video Dave put together from parts of their performance.

The only negative part of the whole night, which Paul McCartney handled so well, was a groupie in the front row who knew thought she knew their set list, and yelled out the name of the next song while they were introducing it. He talked back to her once, announced he was being heckled and the band made a joke of it, and we all ignored her for the rest of the night! Ha!

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