Friday, December 24, 2010

Vintage NYC subway sign

Last weekend I took a solo trip to Williamsburg.  I took my last final that morning and was free from all deadlines, projects, and homework, so I decided to head east  and spend the day with myself, and by myself.  Hanging out with people is loads of fun, but alone time is fun too :)

One of my first stops was the world's best TJMaxx at Monticello Marketplace.  I'm not sure why I'm giving this TJMaxx the title of world's best, but every time I go there, they have such awesome stuff!  Unique finds that I've never seen at other stores.  Maybe I just lucky, but who knows.

This time I found a sweet art piece that would be perfect in the home of any NYC resident or lover.  It was a wrapped canvas print of a vintage subway sign.  Even though I've never been to NYC [not because I haven't been invited - Mo, we'll get there soon! :)], I gasped when I saw it.  I have seen pieces like this online for hundreds of dollars - but this one was just $59.99!  What a deal!!

The print was very similar to the pair pictured below, which hail from Restoration Hardware and sell for $795!

I left it at the store since I obviously couldn't use it, no matter how awesome it was, but if anyone out there has ties or a love for NYC, needs some vintage decor, and has approximately 8 square feet of free wall space, this is the piece for you!

After visiting Target (of course) across the way in the same shopping center, I walked around to some of the Mom&Pop stores.  Stamp 'n Memories caught my eye because it looked like a scrapbook store, and I had been worrying about where I'd be able to find Virginia or Richmond scrapbook items since Memories Galore recently closed.  I was in luck!  They had a whole section of local items, and I picked up a few :)

The rest of the day was spent at the outlets and the General Store buying Christmas presents and in Colonial Williamsburg just walking around and relaxing.  I went to the W&M bookstore to pick up something and 3 people asked me if I worked there.  I was wearing my JMU sweatshirt that day - and to answer all 3 of these people I said, "I think they'd fire me for wearing a JMU sweatshirt to work here - I'm in enemy territory."  I don't think they got it.  I thought it was funny.

My favorite purchase of the day?  This Abbey Road sign for Dave from the General Store - he just opened it and I think he loves it :)

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  1. Awesome.....sorry I had to work and couldn't go. Maybe next time? :)