Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm cut off...

Draw a big 'X' on my hand, I'm cut off.  I am not allowed to buy any more dish towels for a while.  I get obsessed with things, accumulate a bunch of said things, and then can't figure out where to store them.  The good news is dish towels don't take up much room, and they're not dust collectors...I actually use them.  But I am starting to have too many.

I just opened up a package from Anthropologie, containing 2 of the most awesome dish towels ever!  It all started when I was reading a random blog that I frequent (can't remember which one), and saw the "Do the Dishes" towel, listed on sale for only $17 in some chick's Etsy shop.  Too bad I made a recent trip to Anthropologie and thought I saw that exact same towel there - I only remember it so well because I wanted to buy it, but not at the ticket prices of $18.  Not that the girl is claiming to have made the towel, but Etsy isn't a yard sale site, it's for handmade items right?  Or craftiness?  I don't get it.

So, to confirm my suspicion, I went to Anthropologie's website to find this towel...I was successful, but I noticed that it was on sale for $7.95!  Score!!!  "Add to Cart?" - yes please!

I hated paying $6.95 shipping for a $7.95 item, so I decided to make my package worth it by adding another item:  the "Coffee & Cake" towel.  I know - I'm obsessed, I need help. 

Can't wait to dry some dishes and wipe down my counters with these! :) Once I find the perfect tea towel with embroidered cupcakes, I'll be done with my collection.

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