Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bastard squirrels.

Not the Flying Squirrels, they're awesome.  I'm talking about the squirrels who think everything in my yard belongs to them. They have ruined my new, awesome bird feeder.  The birdies loved the new feeder - every morning when I got up, before I walked out the door, I'd sneak into the front room and look at the birdies at the feeder...

But then one day I came home from work and noticed that the plexi-glass on each side of the feeder was cracked!  I know cute little birdies could not ruin such a beautiful birdfeeder, right?  I assumed it was either a huge-beaked bird with an even huger appetite, or a squirrel, since both have a history of annoying me when it comes to birdfeeders and food.

So, I waited.  I filled up the feeder with a little food - couldn't fill it all the way because the food would pour out like a faucet through the new, bigger opening.  Blech.  Finally, Dave caught the damn squirrel in the act and snapped its picture!  Bastard!!!  Don't you know how much that shit costs? 

He sees Dave out of the corner of his eye...he knows he's in the doghouse.

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