Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cleaning out the pantry and fridge...

I'm trying to get better at using all of the food in the pantry before it goes bad.  I have good intentions when we go grocery shopping to make certain dishes paired with certain sides, but then Pizza Hut calls my name and then one thing leads to another.......you know the drill.  Then a month or two later, that meal has not been made and you're stuck looking at a jar of spaghetti sauce that expires on Saturday. 

We also had a pack of bagels that were about to expire, so I decided to make some mini pizzas to use up both ingredients before they passed their prime.

I brushed the bagels with some olive oil so they wouldn't burn, and put them in the oven to get toasty.

Then I coated them with a layer of sauce, cheese, and mini pepperonis...

...and put them back in the oven to melt the cheese.

SO, in about 15 minutes, I went from from cold ingredients to hot toasty pizzas!  They're no gourmet meal, but they were tasty and went well with a cold Stella!


  1. Good idea with the EVOO and toasting before hand. Love me some mini pizzas. :)

  2. mmm hmmm...those little thin bagels are really good! i'd never had them before - better than regular-sized bagels.