Thursday, December 3, 2009

Work is fun!

A few weeks ago, my team at work decided to have some fun. We each had $10 and about 30 minutes in Michael's to pick supplies to make wreaths! FUN! Once we got in there, I was overwhelmed at the possibilities - do I make a Christmas wreath? Summer since I have no decoration for my front door in that season? Gift for someone? Wreath with a grape/cork theme to match my kitchen? It was rough, but I made it through...

I think all of our wreaths turned out awesome! Here are the girls, working hard on their creations:

Cecily decided to make a baby-themed one for a friend's baby shower:

Christine made a summer one:

Valerie made an apple-themed indoor wreath:

And here's mine - Christmas!

I'm not a fan of the gold beads, but I used enough hot glue to repair the Titanic's crack, so the beads aren't going anywhere.

Then I got bold and tried to make a second wreath. My first thought when I heard we were doing this was to make a wreath with shells all over it for my front door. I found an example of how I'd like it to look online:

But mine didn't turn out exactly as I hoped.


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  1. yay for wreaths! all the wreaths look great, even your sea shell one :) lol