Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just for today, I'm glad I don't have kids...

Because keeping myself occupied was bad enough - having to entertain a little one today may have driven me to drink. Well, drink more.

Mother Nature has given us a weekend snow event (as NPR keeps insisting on calling it). I love snow, but my only complaint is that this is happening on a non-workday. Some of you feel like you should be doing something productive and make the most of sledding time. Not me. I did not go outside in the snow. Instead, I opted for indoor activities today. And boy, was that boring.

First, we watched "The Tale of Despereaux." It has been in our DVR for several weeks, so Dave started it and I was sucked in pretty quickly. Question: Is this supposed to be a kid's movie? Because I was terrified at points, just like I was during "The Brave Little Toaster," and would not want a small child to see a cute little mouse thrown into the dungeon with the rats. Of course, he saves the day and everyone lives happily ever after, but this movie was too dark for a snow day.

Then I threw some ingredients into the crock pot so we'd have a warm dinner. I love the crock pot meal. Does it get any better? Well, I'm sure it could be better if you spend hours in the kitchen, but for the level of effort a crock pot meal takes, it's a winner. After I started dinner, I sat down and worked on a Christmas gift/project for my bro-in-law. Can't give up details until it's delivered, but it's pretty cool. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it was all Ann. I just executed her vision.

Dave took a nap and I paid $4.99 to watch "Julie & Julia." I would like my money back, please. Julia is charming, Meryl Streep played her dead on, Amy Adams was the same as she is in every other movie, but her character, Julie, annoyed me. Just because your friend has a blog, you need to invent a project for yourself so you can be 'published?' I'd rather watch a biopic with Meryl Streep as Julia Child, without the other junk thrown in.

Now that our bellies are full with said crock pot meal, we're trying to decide our next move. Should we watch season 3 of "The Tudors?" Clean something? Finish wrapping presents?

Who knows. But first, paying bills.

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