Saturday, December 12, 2009

Work is fun! (again)

For our 4th quarter fun event, we decided to recreate parts of our favorite off-site from the past, planned by our beloved Dwayne who passed away 1 year ago.

We started out the day having breakfast at Cracker Barrel - it was yummy! Then the team caravaned down to Art Works to explore our creative sides. Last time we went, the studio provided canvases and we each painted a coat of arms that represented us individually. When everyone was finished, they put them all onto a huge foam board, to represent us as a team. The pic on the corporate events website shows our final piece (bottom right):

This time we did something different - an abstract piece using 'junk' that team members brought and that the studio had from previous projects. She had 2 tables set up with tons of stuff that we could use for our art. We were to create a base, then spray paint, then add accessories.

If you know me, you know that I don't do abstract. At all. I am very structured. So this was a challenge for me. I had 2 choices: shut down and act like a baby and whine "I don't know what to dooooooo!" or go with the flow and make something fun and creative. After much internal turmoil, I chose option 2. :)

Here are some pictures of my piece at various stages of completion. Don't laugh - I said I just went with it :)


I wanted to put the Army men in a cage, but didn't think about the fact that I'd be spray painting it. I lost some execution points with that one...

Adding the paint:

And here's the almost-final version - isn't it delightfully tacky?

While we were letting the spray paint dry, we played White Elephant, where the '3 bowls on a matching tray' made its 3rd annual appearance. I believe Linda's exact words, when she opened it, were "OH. MY. GOD!" Similar to the words of the sucker who got it last year!

Doesn't she look pleased?

The gift exchange was fun - the most steal-able item was wine and cheese from Trader Joe's...I ended up with a chocolate mold set. Very appropriate to enable my baking habit.

Here are some pictures of the team's final pieces:






Cecily's moral compass:


I must have missed Christine's and Valerie's? :(

Here's a group shot with our finished pieces!

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