Friday, January 9, 2009

Twilight DVD release party!

Who's up for a party to celebrate the release of Twilight on DVD?

I'd like to have the girls over to watch the movie and swoon over Jacob, Edward, James, or whoever you wish to swoon over!

All the girls at work (except for Cec and Linda) have read all the books and I feel like it's all we've talked about since True Blood ended! Poor Sookie and Bill have been overshadowed with the teen vampires. But this summer, when the Twilight buzz has faded, we'll be obsessed with Bill once again. He's way hotter than Edward, in my opinion, and it's legal to fantasize about him being my maker.

Bonnie, hurry up and finish book 4 so I don't have to worry about giving you more spoilers than I already have :)

Assuming the DVD comes out on March 24, as the gossip sites indicate, the party will be Friday, March, 27th!

Save the date!


  1. spoiler alert: the movie sucks

  2. I'm done with book 4. :)