Saturday, January 10, 2009

So how do you spend your Friday nights?

Last night I was tired of listening to the sounds of WW2 and Russians on the game the boys were playing, so I went upstairs to my craft room.

I dragged out all my stickers (they were in 3 different places) and put them in categories – like animals, beachy, fall, kids/school, etc.

I had bought these magazine type holders a while ago with hopes of organizing my paper but realized I had way too much paper to use them!

The ones I got came with 4 individual folders and dividers, so I used those to put the stickers in different sections, and labeled the sections with my DYMO! I put them on the shelves in the closet…it looks so much better than just having a drawer full of stickers. I had no hope of finding a sticker I needed unless I emptied the whole drawer or little sticker holder I had onto the bed and sifting through it all…no thanks!

I stayed up til 230am doing that. Now I want to go make some cards now that I know where everything is! First on the list - Nate's mom's birthday card that I should have made days ago :)

I know what you're thinking and I can't think of any possible way to make the top shelf look organized.

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