Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cookbook Challenge: Week 6

Yep, you'll notice weeks 4 and 5 are missing. We're already slacking.

We (well, I) have come up with we have a more structured plan:
  • Challenge recipes will always be made on Sundays, since we're less likely to use the ol' "I don't wannnna cook!" excuse that frequently plagues us after long workdays
  • I Created a spreadsheet with a list of all the recipes we've earmarked for the challenge - why didn't I do that at the beginning? Once it's on a spreadsheet I'm not likely to forget it.  #nerd
A note of success (and only 6 weeks in!) - I've already recycled 3 cookbooks that didn't contain any recipes that appealed to me. The BH&G classic cookbook is cool-looking on the shelf, but the recipes I'd actually make from it are already in our routine, which explains why I've never opened it.  

But back to this week's recipe - I chose it from my Gooseberry Patch One-Pot Meals book. I'm a huge fan of throwing a bunch of ingredients in the Crock Pot in the morning and letting dinner cook itself throughout the day. No work for me when I get home! Win!

We've been on a quiche kick lately, so when I saw this I quickly added it to our challenge list - Turkey Spinach Quiche! Yum!

Dave is the resident quiche maker in our household, so I had nothing to do with its execution, but in the tasting department, it passes! We'll definitely be making this again - adding it to our quiche rotation, which currently includes breakfast and seafood versions.

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