Friday, December 28, 2012

Glam-ish Nursery

Once I see something that inspires me I have to get it out of my head, like this living room I cooked up inspired by an awesome sectional I'm craving.  It seems everyone is having babies (no, not me), so I've had nurseries on my mind lately:

This nursery was inspired by the purple rug, which I spotted while perusing Target's site one day.  To me it looked very girly but mature, glam but not overwhelming, and it could be the focal point or used to accentuate an otherwise monochromatic room like this one.  

I feel like the room needs more pops of green, but the lampshade and matching lumbar pillow are a start - the inevitable "stuff" that comes with new babies will likely provide the needed color to brighten the space.

The book cart is my favorite piece - I'm a book nerd and not ashamed, and am so getting my kid a library cart for their book collection.  It would look so cute full of books from Mother Goose to the Hungry Caterpillar to To Kill a Mockingbird, with sets of books broken up by toys or stuffed animals.  Plus, since it's neutral and not baby/nursery-specific, it should be able to evolve with your child as their tastes/collections change over the years.

I tried to leave the glider out and use a cushier piece like this instead, but in our imaginary nursery design, Dave  *must* have a glider.  No exceptions.  Ugh.  Love the little patio table for any supplies you may need near you while nursing - or perhaps a snack or bottle of water for mom?

The roman shade would need a blackout liner on the back to make it functional for a nursery, or maybe you could fake it by adding a blackout roller shade inside the window casing so you get style plus blackout napping on the cheap?

A bonus is that with the neutral, classic crib, glider, and silver leaf dresser, you would only need to switch out the rug, lampshade, and pillow to make the room boy-friendly if needed for next time around!

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